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2020.01.16 The results of Osameshiai  Scan0001
2020.01.16 The final training December 27, the final Judo training and Shiai has been held.
2020.01.16 Grading test for Juniors  December 23, Graiging test for Juniors has been held.
2019.12.16 Red and white Shiai  December 15,Red and white shiai has been held at Kodokan Osaka. Kaito Okumura passed his second dan. Congratulations!!!
2019.12.11 The visitor from overaseas December 6, Bebji Verdin from Germany joined Daishin Judo training.
2019.12.02 The visitor from overseas November 29, TANG CHI KIN from Hong Kong joined Daishin Judo training.
2019.11.26 The visitors from overseas  November 25, Romario Jakson and Delroy Harding from America joined Daishin Judo training.
2019.11.25 Grand-Slam Osaka Novemver 23rd, Peniamina Percival(Samoa) compeate 81Kg category, won the first round by default win and lost second round aginst Fujiwara Koutarou(Japan).Will Tai Tin (Samoa) 73Kg lost the first round against AN from Korea.
2019.11.25 The visitor from overseas  November 22, Frederic Bougalle from France joined Daishin Judo training.
2019.11.21 The visitor from overseas November 20, Will Tai Tin from SAMOA joined Daishin Judo training, he will compeate Grand Slam Osaka on November 23rd as SAMOA representative.
2019.11.19 The visitor from overseas  DoNovember 18, Robert William Win-Donnelly from New Zealand Nelson joied to Daishin Judo.
2019.11.14 The schedule of year end and bigining  The 27th of December will be the final training of this year and the 8th of January will be KAGAMIBIRAKI and from the 10th, the normal training will be start.
2019.11.11 The visitor from overseas November 8, Andrea Larosa(France, 1st dan) joined Daishin Judo training.
2019.11.06 GRADING SHIAI   Novemver 3rd, Mamoru Kashikura passed Ist dan at grading contest. Congratulation !!!
2019.11.06 The visitor from ovearseas November 1, Crig Morishige joined Daishin Judo training.
2019.10.31 The visitor from overseas Octorber 30, Margot Reyes from France joined Daishin Judo training.
2019.10.30 New member in November  Koutarou Amano, Ai Fujikami, Tsuyoshi Fujikami, Nguven Minh Dang, Enrico Abel Estanislao
2019.10.12 The world Junior Judo Tournament The world Junior Judo Tournament will be held at Morocco on the 17th of October. The representative from Korea Mimi Ikeda and Chie Ynase joined Daishin Judo training. Heidi and Angus from Australia had the final training. All the best !!!
2019.10.08 Ben Percival on the newspaper Ben Percival was on the Asahi News paper on the 7th of October, about teaching Rugby to Japanese kids by English.
2019.10.08 New member in October Syunya Ida,
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