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2020.10.29 New member in November  TAI OUKAN
2020.10.27 The chief of Kodokan, Sensei Haruki Uemura visit Daishin The 23rd of October, The president of Kodokan, sensei Haruki Uemura and the instructor sensei Kenichi Syoshida and the instructor sensei Tokumata Nanpo visited Daishin Judokai and gave us instructions. That was a big honner.
2020.10.09 New member in October Holly Espedido (Canada)
2020.08.20 New member in August  Shingo HIRZANE (3rd dan)
2020.07.11 The new member in July BUI THI PHUONG NHUNG (Viet Nam, 1st dan)
2020.04.01 The pandemic of Coronavirus By the pandemic of Coronavirus, Daishin Judo training will close from the 1st of April for a while. Take care of yourself eveybody.
2020.02.29 TV Interview for [ JUDO ]  There was TV interview for the program of JUDO. It will be on BS FUJI on the 21st of March from 18:30.
2020.02.22 The visitors from Hokkaidou February 21,Enda family from Hokkaidou Hakodate joined Daishin Judo training.
2020.02.17 Grading Shiai February 16, Grading Shiai has been held at Syudoukan. Teruhisa Osawa has been passed third dan, Congratulations!!!  
2020.02.17 The visitors from overseas February 16, Kimberley and other three from Australia joined Daishin Judo training.
2020.02.15 The visitor from overseas February 14, Kim Hyonseon from Korea joined Daishin Juudo training.
2020.02.12 The visitor from overseas  Feburary 10, Moana Mayer from New Zealand joined Daishin Judo training.
2020.02.04 New member in February Tkako Fujikami、Tadahito Nakai
2020.02.04 The visitors from overseas February 3, Tom and Kristina joined Daishin Judo training.
2020.01.30 The visitor from overseas January 29, Tomi・Takaro from Finland joined Daishin training.
2020.01.27 The visitor from overseas January 27, Chan Lung from Hong Kong joined Daishin Judo training.
2020.01.21 The visitors from oversea  January 17,20, Paku Tegon (Korea,4th dan) joined Daishin Judo training.
2020.01.21 The visitors from overseas January 15, Juha-Matti Ahola(Finland) and Sam Niccoll(Australia) joined Daishin Judo training.
2020.01.16 The results of Osameshiai  Scan0001
2020.01.16 The final training December 27, the final Judo training and Shiai has been held.
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